About Us

About Us

Long Drive Tv is a property of Ultimate Long Drive, Inc. ULD owns, operates, and licenses Amateur Long Drive™ and Xtreme Long Drive™ competitions in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Dominican Republic, India, and Argentina. 

Our Goals

Our goal is to contribute to the the global growth os the sport of long drive.

The Experience

We want fans and prospective players to experience the fun, excitment, and energy of the sport.

Providing the Platform

With this platform and our collaboration with ZTV, we’re extending the reach for long drive conent.

We Need You!

With today’s technology, anyone can become a reporter. We need those who love the sport to share their enthusiam.

Our Story


Having been involved in video and broadcast production for over a decade, we  were introduced to the sport of long drive in 2013. Life hasn’t been the same since. We became obsessed with the task of sharing the feelings we experienced with other prospective players and fans. The challenge….taking a sport that has been just outside the mainstream and making it mainstream. World Long Drive and The Golf Channel made this dream a possibility in 2014. Their ability to televise the top level of the sport to a broader audience has had a profound effect on the sport. But, this (and any) sport has to be grown organically from the ground up. We need an “open source” approach to maximize growth in competition and fandom. Let’s do this…together. Come joine us.


Experience Long Drive

about Us

Long Drive TV is a division of Ultimate Long Drive, LLC based in Myrtle Beach, SC. ULD owns, operates, and licenses the ALD™ Championship Series and the Xtreme Long Drive™ Series. 


ZTV, and OTT video and podcast platform will begin hosting Long Drive TV content in January 2020 taking the long drive experience to audence of 150 million+. ZTV can be viewed on Mobile, Desktop, and Television. 

Your Content

We welcome your long drive video content. We’ll set up your own personal portal to upload the content you create.